MoA Funds Commencement Dates

Date Event
1945 Mutual of America Life Insurance Company is founded
1985 All America Fund, Money Market Fund, Core Bond Fund, Balanced Fund
1993 Mutual of America Capital Management is established
1993 Equity Index Fund, Intermediate Bond Fund
1999 Mid-Cap Equity Index Fund
2003 Conservative Allocation Fund, Moderate Allocation Fund, Aggressive Allocation Fund
2005 Small Cap Value Fund, Small Cap Growth Fund, Mid Cap Value Fund
2007 International Fund; Retirement Income Fund, Clear Passage 2020 - 2045 Funds™
2012 - 2020 Additional Clear Passage Funds™ are offered
2020 Funds offered directly to institutional investors
2023 MoA Funds offered to non-retirement investors through a nationwide network of independent financial advisors

Mutual of America Life Insurance Company pioneered access to retirement savings options for small not-for-profit health and welfare agencies and their employees, enabling employees the opportunity to build wealth over time and prepare for a secure retirement.

In 1985, Mutual of America started to create a series of mutual funds. Since that time, the MoA Funds family has grown to encompass 28 funds managed by Mutual of America Capital Management, with an array of asset classes and objectives, including equity, fixed income, international, asset allocation funds, and target date funds.